Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sweet Sixteen

The Sweet Sixteen is set. Villanova is not among them. Gonzaga is. Who knew? All of the number one seeds are still here.  Louisville and Duke fell from the number two seed line. Who looks good now?

Look for a team that is the higher seed to win the opening games on Thursday The ride usually end the second week when you can't sneak up on somebody.  Watch for the different styles to dictate who goes on. Who can make the other guy play at the pace they don't want to play at.

                                     The top odds to win the tournament as of this posting:
                                                 Kansas 19-4
                                                 UNC 5-1
                                                 Arizona and Gonzaga 13-2
                                                 Kentucky and UCLA 9-1

                                            Questions for #SweetSixteen

Can West Virginia speed up Gonzaga?
What matchup is better than Kentucky and UCLA?
Can the ride continue for Michigan?
Which number 1 of the remaining 3 does not make it to the #FinalFour next weekend?

The surprise of the tournament is only 1 ACC team is left in the round of 16. These are the three players that will impact games this week. All of them from the Big Ten.

Derrick Walton Jr.

Caleb Swanigan

Bronson Koenig
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Madness

The best time of the year. NCAA tournament. The number ones are Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas and North Carolina. No dominant team in the field. Basketball all day long!  Las Vegas is the ideal place to be. But we are in two bracket pools so we have action on every game. One is the ESPN Tournament Challenge. Someone on your job or in your college is running the other.

                                                    Things to know about the tournament:

Final Four is in Phoenix Arizona
Tournament starts 3/14 and ends 4/3.
A number 12 seed will upset a 5.
In the history of the tournament, just 14 teams that were seeded lower 7th or worse have made it to the Final Four.

                                                               Players to watch:

Josh Hart and Frank Mason III

Malik Monk

Lonzo Ball

Follow me thru out the tournament and see how long our brackets last!


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Saturday, March 11, 2017


We decided to look at the Sixers and the last 20 games of this season. This team has went from a low level of expectations to start the season and progress to a unit that was within striking distance of the final playoff position in the Eastern Conference. They are now spending the last 20 odd games developing players and brought in a player from the D League.
At the All Star break, the Sixers were looking at moving Jahlil Okafor. They have a quality player in him that does not fit for them defensively.They did not play him at the end of games last year and that did not change this season. He is offensively sound and will average 16-20 points with 8 boards every night.

They instead decided to move Nerlens Noel, who did fit defensively and could have played a back up role. They also moved their best outside shooter, Ersen Ilyasova and did not receive anything close in value for either player.

We left ourselves with question mark at the 5 position because of the injury to Joel Embiid. 31 games over 3 years is the reality of Joel. Is that what we want to hang our future on? While he is exceptional and likable can we count on him?

More of this!

Less of this!

Is Holmes the back up that you want to go to war with every night? He does give his all but is a center in a forward's body.
Brett Brown does have the team playing at a high level that will compete and share the ball. They press and make strong defensive rotations. The Sixers should build their team by establishing a bench that they can count on. They has that with Noel and Ilya. Now they have to develop it again. Just look at the Spurs for the blueprint of how to compose a roster. When the Sixers were winning the people were supporting the team and coming to the games. We need to get back to that! 

Noel returns with his new team, the Dallas Mavericks on 3/17. #Sixerstalk
Nerlens Noel


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Saturday, February 18, 2017

This Week in Gaming Review

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf submitted his budget proposal for 2017-18. His budget includes over 250 million from new gaming revenue. This is a great sign for online gaming in the Commonwealth. There are two bills that are being talked about during this legislative session.

One is the bill sponsored by State Rep Youngblood and Dunbar. This bill includes online gaming and fantasy sports. It expands gaming to the Philadelphia International Airport via tablets. This bill also allows multi state linkage  on slots to increase jackpots. It also allows for the PGCB to set up new regulations to authorize skill based and hybrid slot games.
The second bill is sponsored by State Senator Acosta. Acosta's bill would impose a 25-percent tax on gross revenue from either form of gambling. The most recent House-approved bill from 2016 had  an online gambling tax rate of 16 percent and a DFS rate of 12 percent. In traditional casinos, the state gets 54 percent of gross slot revenue and 16 percent of table game revenue. Costa's proposal would ban Internet gaming on casino property because of the difference in tax rates. He anticipates some action on his bill by April 2017.
Both bills have similarities but the Youngblood and Dunbar bill has language stressing consumer protection that reins in  black market and off shore operators that target compulsive and underage gamblers. The proposed tax is casino favorable with a rate of 14% along  with a 2% local share. Youngblood and Dunbar's bill does not get blinded by the numbers and wants government and the economy to work for all people. There is a provision for Pre K Funding for Philadelphia I Gaming that occurs at the airport from ticketed passengers.

MGM Grand National Harbor

MGM Grand National Harbor has been open a little over two months and doing phenomenal numbers. They have surpassed Maryland Live as the top grossing revenue casino in their region.
The new Prince George's County casino, which opened in early December, generated $48.8 million from slot machines and table games, making it the state's top money maker by nearly $5 million, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency reported Monday.
The Baltimore Sun reported that Maryland Live Casino, historically the top money-maker, brought in about $44 million in January, down 15.6 percent from the same month last year.

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore generated $20.2 million in January, down 14.5 percent from the same period a year ago. The State of Maryland showed prudent leadership by anticipating some measure of cannibalization from MGM's arrival. They allowed both casinos to keep more of their profits to account for the loss of revenue. Click here and read the entire article.


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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Top 3 things to do at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

We came up with our personal top 3 things to when you visit Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

Check out the Forum Shops. The top designers are in there. After a winning night on the gaming floor, indulge yourself with a gift that you can take home as a momento of your visit.

Have a cocktail in the Alto Bar. During this period until 2/25, you can enjoy virtual reality along with one of the signature drinks. Technology with a buzz.

Finally,enjoy the wagering in the Caesars Palace Sports Book. Bet Fantasy Sports with US Fantasy.
If your stay extends into March, you may want to book a spot during March Madness. A price of $199 includes a premium buffet and beer specials. This is available 3/16 and 3/17.


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Friday, February 10, 2017

NFL or NBA: Who is in the best position?

The top two sports leagues in the United States are the NFL and NBA. While both are successful I pose the question of who in the best position. Let's compare. Both have expanded into international
markets. The NFL plays at least 3 games in London a year. The NBA has players from all over the world and is playing preseason games in Mexico and China.
The NFL is allowing Twitter to stream their games. This extends the social media aspects of their product. The NBA is going in the direction of analytics and providing stats to the fans and media announcers. This is important to daily fantasy sports participants.

When we compare the ratings of both leagues, we see a disparity. The NFL numbers are down while NBA is trending up. The NBA fans tends to be younger than the NFL. The NBA has expressed a support of sports betting as the NFL has shown a reluctance to acknowledge that is a reason for their popularity. The NBA has taken strong stances with socially conscious issues. The NFL has consistently mishandle off the field issues with domestic violence.
While the NFL is still the leader in popularity, their margin is shrinking. The NBA seems to get it.
They market their players and are about to place advertisements on jerseys. The NFL does neither and does not appear to embrace change. The NBA is in the better position for the next 5 years. The NFL would do well to emulate them.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Super Bowl LI

The game is two days away. Patriots vs Falcons. Brady vs. Ryan.

New England is favored by 3 points. The line is consistent and shown no movement so the number is solid.  3% of the amount wagered on the game will be legally done in Nevada. 97% or over 3.5 billion will be wagered illegally in the United States.

Facts - Brady has never lost to the Falcons.
Coaching Edge- Belichick gets the nod based on experience and ability to adjust at halftime.
Facts- Atlanta loses when a team run the ball against them more than 25 times. Keep their offense off the field.
Quarterback Edge- Brady over Ryan. Ryan had MVP year. Brady has MVP career.
Defensive Edge- Patriots have the edge. Atlanta does have speed and can put pressure on Brady.

Herm Edwards, Ron Jaworski , Louis Riddick and Brandon Marshall picked the Pats.
Dan Marino, Charles Barkley and Deshaun Watson picked the Falcons.

Our Pick- New England can win a chess match. Atlanta can win a shoot out. Pats checkmate Falcons. Pats win by a touchdown 27-21. Take the under. Total stands at 59.

Fantasy players to watch. Tom Brady will have at least 2 TDs and 350 yards.
LeGarrette Blount is our sleeper pick as a running back
Mohamed Sanu is the play for Fantasy receiver.
Play #FantasyFootball  at +USFantasy Sports in Nevada.


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