Friday, July 25, 2014

Online Gaming News from Pennsylvania and GIGSE


Bill Thomas has served as the Democratic Executive Director of the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee since 2011. In this role, Bill is responsible for proposing and monitoring legislation and policies regarding Pennsylvania’s gaming industry, including issues relevant to the state’s gaming law, which first passed the General Assembly in 2004.
Bill began his professional career in the West Virginia Legislature, where he served as the Assistant Director of the West Virginia Legislative Reference and Information Office – a nonpartisan, apolitical department of the West Virginia Legislature's Joint Committee on Government and Finance. After six years with the West Virginia Legislature, Bill moved to Harrisburg to accept employment within the Pennsylvania House of Representatives' Democratic Caucus.
Mr.Thomas recently attended the GIGSE in San Francisco. GIGSE is one of the top I Gaming conferences in the world. I was honored that he agreed to answer several questions about the conference and online gaming.

1). What was your opinion of the GIGSE?  Bill - "I found the GIGSE to be informative. The
technology discussion was of great interest to me. Those conversations, along with where
Pennsylvania is headed with I Gaming were very helpful."

2). How did the GIGSE compare to other gaming conferences you attended?  Bill - "The
GIGSE was one of the larger conferences that I ever attended. It included a trade show of
30 to 40 vendors and approximately 400 attendees."

3). The debate between Ed Rendell and Willie Brown was a highlight of the conference. Who sold their position the better of two?  Bill - "Governor Rendell had research and facts to support his pro I Gaming stance. He also provided some great one liners. Rendell also had the pro position of the room. Brown was at the disadvantage with the anti I Gaming position and was more emotional in his retorts."

4). What was your goal when you decided to attend?  Bill - "My goal was to attend the panel discussions and hear the concerns about I Gaming. We also hosted a table that provided insight about Pennsylvania from a gaming policy standpoint. We also addressed the political reality of where we are currently."

5).Tell the readers 3 things they should know about I Gaming and Pennsylvania? 
Bill - "They should know that online gaming  is currently taking place in an unregulated and untaxed market. Two, there are many investors that want to invest and do business in Pennsylvania and that will create jobs and opportunities. Third, I Gaming will not impact the land base casino operations that currently exist. Casinos will be able to cross market and promote their games and facilities."

6).Delaware and Nevada have a compact agreement This means they will share players and revenue in online gaming. Do you think they will be successful?  Bill: - I think they will be successful. This is a perfect collective opportunity. This is similar to how lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions have attracted players in different states." 

7). New Jersey registrations for online gaming has increased every month. The win and amount wagered have dropped over the past 3 months. How would you gauged these contrasting variations?  Bill - "The increase in players is due to multiple registration at different sites. The drop in revenue could be attributed to the major financial institutions not allowing transactions and limiting the amount of liquidity."

I want to thank Mr.Thomas for his candid answers. I will follow the efforts in Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee in the coming weeks.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Online Gaming and the Poker Community

This is the 1st week of the WSOP. For anyone who is a novice, that's the World Series of Poker.
So just imagine when online gaming is approved in states other than New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada.
If you want to play at any game of your choice, it is available to you. As opposed to waiting in long lines with entry and registration fees, you can enter online and play immediately against other players. As you progress through different rounds, you will eventually be invited to play on site
against some of your peers from the cyber world.
This is where you go if you really get lucky!
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Online Gaming and Innovation will reshape Atlantic City

The news report has just confirmed that Showboat Casino is closing in Atlantic City as of 8/31. This was rumored earlier this year in a report to investors from Caesars CEO Gary Loveman.

The Atlantic City market is down from the high of 5.2 billion in revenue in 2006 to 2.9 billion last year. This is the harsh reality that the gaming business has changed due the economy and Pennsylvania emerging as the 2nd largest market in the United States.

The Bad Streak Continues!
My take is that less will now become more. A reduction of current capacity will continue and one more property will close or become a hotel only. The supply exceeds the demand in the current model and an adjustment of  25%, based on the 2006 offering, will make up for the 40% drop in business levels.
The solution is to grow the market through innovative thinking and online gaming. In future posts, I'll give strategic concepts that I see as ways to grow the pie in the entire region.

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Beyonce & Jay Z On the Run Tour

The concert of the year is upon us. I have been waiting for years to see what it would be like if  Beyoncé and Jay Z would tour together. That the equivalent of Sean Penn and Madonna making a movie together three decades ago; Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston at an award ceremony two decades ago or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolly dating 10 years ago. Everybody wants to see what they are going to do next. Forbes Magazine has projected this as the 2nd largest grossing tour in music history. With only 20 dates!

The Carters are the world's most dominate power couple with media savvy and strategic innovation.
In the past year, they have two of the top selling CDs with Beyoncé 4 and Jay Z's Holy Grail. The manner that they were released were totally unique and genius. One with a copulation of videos accompanying every song while the other was part of a phone application download. They embrace technology and give us controlled access to them and their music.

What I dream about for this tour includes

What celebrities will be in attendance to see them. Lebron James in Miami, Floyd Mayweather in New Orleans and LeSean McCoy in Philly.

A collaboration  of Beyoncé singing some of Jay Z's duets with other female artists. Can she tackle Empire State close to Alicia Keys or get raw as Mary J Blige 's Can't Knock the Hustle.

Will any special guest stars appear along with them? Pharell Williams, Kelly Rowland or Rick Ross makes a cameo and just do one hook.

Who will dominate the crowd? The best singer/entertainer that is also one of the world's most beautiful women or the best rapper /mogul that has influenced record sales from Rhythm and Blues to Rock and Hip Hop.

An HBO special that follow this tour and shows a different set from each city. One night Miami, one night Philly and the finale in France.

What song do they open and close with?  My choices would be Crazy in Love to open and On the Run as a finale.  Do Drunk in Love mid concert set and I'm good.

I will add the playlist after they perform 3 of the 20 dates scheduled. I'll also add video and pictures from my followers around the country from different concert venues. I'm going to the concert in Philly. Can't Wait!




Philly Fans

Amanda Fitzpatrick in Houston for Beyonce
On the Run Tour in Houston. (Check the Hat)

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Think Like A Man Too - Review

Think like a Man Too open yesterday. In my area, it was playing at several theatres and the parking lot was packed. Good Signs. Kevin Hart is killing it now and has been in at least 3 movies this year alone. He is the signature character again.

The rest of the cast from the first movie also returns. This time they are in Las Vegas for a wedding. Try to guess which couple from the 1st movie was most likely to get married?

                                                                   Romany is back!

I 'll recommend seeing it as a date movie and great for laughs. Not the same social perspective or theme of the 1st movie, so don't expect that. Several cameos that include the world's best known
boxer, an internationally famous rapper and an NFL football player.

Megan is Good
Mike and Taraji

The trailer is below. Enjoy the Movie!
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Online Gaming a way out for Revel??

Just heard the report that Revel Casino in Atlantic City will close unless a buyer is found by 8/18  of this year. The quick math is less than 2 months. This beautiful facility has barely been open two years.  Built on 20 acres of beachfront property, the 47-story resort occupies 6.3 million square feet and has almost 1,900 guest rooms, all with ocean views.  It also contains 14 restaurants, 2 theaters, 2 nightclubs, 10 swimming pools, a 32,000-square-foot spa and a 130,000-square-foot casino.
          The ads in all of the top magazines like GQ,ESPN the Magazine and Vanity Fair.
The hottest performers like Beyoncé, Kanye West and Alicia Keys all had REVELation.

Revel was the new place to be. The focus was to attract women who love music,fashion and retail. Good idea with one problem.The market in Atlantic City was not ready for Revel. The non smoking concept and limited low end amenities contributed greatly.
So what the exit strategy?  They have already declared bankruptcy once. Several marketing campaigns have not produced overwhelming results. Giving up during the peak season is really throwing in the towel. 
The exit strategy is to open up to offers from a operator with online gaming experience or interest. This will make Revel appealing. Revel presently is not involved with online gaming.  The operator get the property at a fraction of the cost. The new owner then re opens the Poker Room to attract players from the online community. This is another revenue stream that Revel is not currently a part of.
I truly hope a buyer steps forward. I have many associates affiliated with this property. The last thing Atlantic City needs is the newest hotel that was projected as the savior to shut down.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gaming Guy M - The Next Chapter

I decided to challenge myself with a narcissistic look at where I started with social media. I was a the professional guy that wanted to show my intuitiveness by walking  the road less traveled. That road is lonely and sometimes unrewarding. But I made some great associations because of it. I was able to connect with people I probably would have only read about through it.
                                                 Here is a link to part of that chapter.

Then 4 years ago, I heard the idea about creating a digital presence. From there, I started my Twitter account, my blog, then Facebook and now Instagram.
The live chat, #GTLivechat, was a by product that now connects people globally.

Now, I am ready to expand again. In the coming weeks, I will reintroduce my website. This time I will focus primarily about online gaming. Sorry Mr. Adelson . I also plan to join the professional network, LinkedIn. I look forward to this next chapter and hope to meet you along the way.

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