Monday, June 18, 2018

East Coast Gaming Conference Recap

The #ECGC22 was well timed and the most informative conference that we have attended in the past 5 years. The start of Sports Betting in New Jersey and the opening day of the Congress were coincidentally on the same day. Here are some of the statements that came out of Atlantic City last week.

William Hill CEO Joe Asher said "Sports and Events create a buzz in Las Vegas. New Jersey can't replicate but can do something."

Millenial Esports CEO Alex Igelman said "More money wagered on E sports than on the NHL."

Downtown Grand Las Vegas  CEO Seth Schorr states "Sports Betting is an exciting casino experience. Mobile will subsides things."

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Director David Rebuck said "I Gaming cannibalize the illegal market and created double digit growth revenue for casinos. Sport Betting will drive it higher."

Rush Street Gaming CEO Greg Carlin stated that "Sports Betting is a huge opportunity that should include mobile wagering. Online gaming has added to the Philadelphia brick and mortar property."

Foxwoods Casino CEO Felix Rappaport said "If you don't evolve, you don't survive."

Part Two of the East Coast Gaming Conference recap will post in 4 days. More Photos and commentary about the attendees.

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sports Betting and Smart Responsible Gaming

We want to share a brief chapter and a video today. In 1992, New Jersey was contemplating Sports Betting. There was a young man that wanted to learn about it but the only place that had classes was in Las Vegas. This man lived in New Jersey and had a job that required him to work 5 days a week. He also had a family. But he thought that this was too good an opportunity to pass up so he register for the class in Vegas and flew across country to take it. He flew back that evening after class.
This was tremendously hard and he decided that after one week he would not go back. But his mother said "just go one more week and then quit if it is too much". So he did. The end of that week he thought about quitting again. His mother said give it one more week. He did. At the end of that week he could not see going back a third time. His mother said "I did not raise a quitter".
He finished the 10 week class in Race and Sports Book Management and met some of the top Sports book operators in the world. Art Manteris, Jimmy Vaccaro, John Avello and Vic Salerno were all instrumental in his development and he acquired knowledge from each of them. They are still prominent figures in the Race and Sports Book Industry.
Now 26 years later, Sports Betting is coming to New Jersey. That young man is quite mature now but ready for an opportunity that had he quit he would not be prepared for. Thanks to his MOM!

Enjoy this video and the journey. Share it and this story with others to encourage them to never give up on your dreams. Honor and remember the people that helped you achieve them. 

#ECGC22 is in Atlantic City. June 13 and 14th. If you are attending perhaps we can meet and greet each other formally. The differences in the fonts in this post were done purposely.

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

What to expect from East Coast Gaming Conference 22

The East Coast Gaming Conference is the premiere gaming show in the world. We realize that is a bold statement but the organizers back it up every year! This does not attempt to diminish G2E or GIGse and what they do. But the #ECGC22 packs the trending topics and innovations that impact
the most populated area in the United States into a 30 hour period. This is important to the attendees because they can learn from the top leaders and innovative minds in gaming. Here are the two areas that we are incline to watch closely.

Sports Betting is on everyone's mind. The public has been clamoring for it and the operators are dying to accommodate them. While New Jersey and Delaware have the unique position of being able to take wagers immediately, this monopoly will not last indefinitely. Who comes in after them and what will they do to exemplify themselves other than offer convenience. Sports Betting is the amenity that everyone wants. We are curious to see what states and operators will utilize it properly.

Esports is the other space that requires attention. This is growing and popular with the 30 and under generation. It has operators perplex because it is new to them. It does not fit the business model of casinos that Steve Wynn envision in the 90's and Caesars dominated in the 2000's. Who comes in, embraces the non gaming culture and cultivates that market is the next Steve Wynn and Caesars.

We are honored to provide coverage of this conference for the 5th consecutive year. This year will include videos. Tweets on Twitter and Photos on Instagram. Quotes from the top CEO's. We look forward to seeing you in Atlantic City. You can't afford not to come if you want to make an impact in gaming and casinos. If you can't making it then follow us, 

On the website we have added two tabs that are dedicated to Sports Betting and Esports.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

The effect of legalizing Sports Betting on Atlantic City and Las Vegas

After the monumental decision to legalize sports betting this week, Las Vegas and Atlantic City captured the spotlight. While most pundits shared opinions on ways to enjoy this practice legally in their own states, these two cities have the major ramifications. We will share  two of them.

Las Vegas will capture the attention of organizations that are adding sports betting to their gaming venues. This will include casinos and racetracks. They will emulate Vegas and attempt to do it on the same level but with a higher tax structure. Imitation is good but the results will not suffice. Look at the profit margin for most sports books. Casinos and Racetracks should lobby their state legislatures to come up with a tax rate that will allow them to make a profit and grow the market simultaneously.

Atlantic City will change the tourism paradigm of the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions. During March Madness and the Super Bowl weekends, thousands of gamblers fly to Nevada to bet on the aforementioned events. They don't have to anymore. This effects air travel and hotel occupancy. Nevada goes down slightly while New Jersey goes up, The airport in Atlantic City gets a facelift. More flights into Philly and New York from the South and Mid West because of the reduction in travel time. Gamblers despise traveling across country when they have other options available. Gas
prices will inch up in the months of January thru March. Expect an increase in tolls that lead to AC in the next 12-18 months.

We will share more in the weeks leading to the #ECGC22. Look forward to seeing you then.
Here is the link to the top gaming conference this year. East Coast Gaming Congress

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

NBA Conference Finals

NBA Conference Finals are here. The review of the semi finals has us at 75 %. Philly losing to Boston was the only selection that fell short. Warriors won in 5 as predicted and Lebron dominated the Raptors. Again! We did not think sweep however. We did think that about Rockets but they took care of business in 5.

Cavs and Celtics- Take the Cavs over the Celtics in 6. Lebron will not let his team give away games the way the Sixers did. Kevin Love and Kyle Korver are playing well at the right time. The Celtics youth will show up this round with Tatum and Rozier.

They need Kyrie!

Rockets and Warriors- Warriors in seven. A great series with defense of Golden State deciding it. Rockets must shoot exceptional to hang with Warriors. Warriors will defend and challenge 3 point shooters. Durant will dominate his match up with Harden. Paul will play well against Curry.

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The side effects of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino 40 days before opening

We are seeing the adverse effect that Hard Rock and Ocean Resort Hotel and Casino are having on the Mid Atlantic Gaming region prior to opening. This side effects will not diminish the magnitude of each property and their opening dates. We like the concept of both new properties opening on the same day. They have brought attention back to Atlantic City along with thousands of jobs and tax revenue.

The side effects are the secondary problems for casinos that operate in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Many workers at those facilities migrated to them when Revel, Showboat and Taj Mahal closed. Many still have residences in or near AC and were looking for an opportunity to return. This will create a deficit in the short term for casino operators in those aforementioned states. The positions that will take the biggest hit are food & beverage, player development and table games.

Another secondary effect is the anticipated entertainment that both properties will have. Ocean Resort will have Top Golf as part of their amenities. Hard Rock announced they will have over 300 diverse live performances. The experience of going to Atlantic City will trump the convenience of gaming locally in the short term. Since entertainment dollars are judiciously spent, customers will be selective about what acts and events they are going to see.

We will elaborate in a future post as to what alternative methods the casinos within 2 hours of Atlantic City can do to respond. A link to "Side Effects of You" by Fantasia is here in the meantime.

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Monday, April 30, 2018

NBA Playoffs - Round 2

Here is a recap of the hits and misses of the 1st round predictions.
Hits were Jazz over Thunder. Sixers over Heat and Cavs over Pacers.
The amount of games the Sixers and Cavs took was slightly off but they won.

Misses were the broom alerts for the Spurs and Timberwolves. Each won a game on
their home court. The over in each game of Pelicans and Blazers hit 50%. Prediction
was set at 100%.

In the 2nd Round, Philly will beat the Celtics in 6. Philly will run on Boston. Something
the Bucks were not able to do. They play defense and will not let Boston score inside.

Cavs over Raptors. Lebron will continue to dominate and lead the Cavs over the Raptors in
6. Toronto comes up short again.

Warriors and Rockets will win their series over the Pelicans and Jazz in 4 and 5 respectively.
A broom alert is set for Pelicans. Durant and Harden meet in the conference finals.

                                         #GTLivechat will be daily thru the playoffs.
                                         #SportsBetting and Entertaining Predictions

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