Monday, September 18, 2017

G2E countdown: The Players to Watch

In two weeks, the G2E 2017 will begin. We have decided that with so much information that you won't have time to network and have coffee with everyone. But there are a select group of people
and companies that always set trends and lead the way. We have chosen 5 that are listed in alphabetical order.

Calvin Ayre - The news coverage that they provide is totally comprehensive of the gaming conference.Rebecca Liggero gets interviews from innovative game makers and game changers in the casino industry.

Hard Rock Casino and Hotel - Hard Rock is making a big splash on the east coast with the opening of a 2000 room casino in Atlantic City in 2018. They announced that they will have a presence in the I gaming market in New Jersey sometime this year. Hard Rock is lookin to expand Atlantic City tourism market to week days. The brand is internationally known.

MGM - MGM is doing great numbers in Atlantic City at the Borgata and the National Harbor in Maryland. They continue to roll sevens as they enter and dominate major markets all over the world. They are currently looking at skill base gaming and e sports as a way to attract millennials.

Rush Street Gaming - Rush Street has shown a propensity for the urban market and has casinos in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago and Schenectady. A model for what gaming should look like in a large metropolis. Check out the link to the Pittsburgh Property.

UNLV- This is the top gaming institution in the United States. They provide direction from top industry leaders along with statistics that cover revenue and historical data. UNLV also meshes the operations of casinos with the business acumen of what works in other facets of hospitality.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

NFL and GTLivechat

We are about to start up again. This is the start of a new season and conversation on Twitter featuring NFL games. We focus on the prime time telecasts during the regular season on ThursdaySunday and Monday Nights.  A  new feature this season will be the best 1PM match-up. You tell  us what  game you like at 1 and we will give our opinion. The opinion will range from selecting a side to suggesting a better match-up. We also do a recap of the headlines that affect the season such as injuries and personnel moves. If you love the NFL then you'll like us. Tell your friends. Invite them to join in. Go as far as to add the name or twitter handle to expand the conversation.
If anyone attends an NFL game then take a picture of the event or the tickets and post it on Instagram. We would like you to share those moments with us. We want to extend the engagement beyond our 140 characters. We want to make the audience international so we welcome #London and #Mexico football fans.
Always use the #GTLivechat at the end of each tweet or photo you post.

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G2E 2017: Why You and Your Gaming Organization can't afford not to attend

The G2E 2017 will start in less than one month. This is the largest and most renown gaming conference. We are attending and would strongly suggest it to you. We will offer three reasons.
The 1st is the network opportunities. You will connect with the top executives in the world and learn what they see as being the next big thing.
Greg Carlin,David Cordish and Jim Allen

Gamblit Gaming

The 2nd reason to come to the G2E is to expierence the tradeshow and exposition hall. Every new game,innovation and concepts is covered. In order to stay relevant, you have to know what vendors have to offer and determined if it is right for your clientele. Skill base games should be on everyone must see list.
Blaine Graboyes- CEO of GameCo
The 3rd is the educational seminars that have information about all facets of gaming. We are focusing on the hot topics of 2017. They are E sports, sports betting and I gaming. You can follow us as we live tweet from each of these modules. If you decide to attend after reading this post, let us know through social media and we will mention you.

See you in Vegas!
                                                         Have a great #LaborDay Weekend.
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Friday, August 11, 2017

NFL Fantasy Preview and GTLivechat

Staring this week up to the NFL opener on Thursday Night Football, we will go around the league and look at the top fantasy players on each team. We will then look at the best in each division and
determined who the best players are. We welcome you to join in. You can do so by following me @Gamingguym on Twitter. #GTLivechat will feature this conversation about Football Fantasy starting tonight.

If you are in Nevada, you will like playing @usfantasy1. A lot of action for as little as $2.

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Responsible Gaming Week

This week is Responsible Gaming Week. The members of the AGA want to promote an environment that does not take advantage of the weakness of many that can not control the urge to wager and venture into addiction. They want to insure that minors and underage people are not part of any gaming institutions. Procedures that advocate these principles should be prominently displayed.
Pamphlets that tell patrons about the gamest offered and the odds of winning should be available upon request.

Guests will make an educated decision if all the facts are presented to them. We have a responsibility to engage with the patrons and have conversations about what is responsible gaming behavior. Tact and diplomacy are key components to having these discussions. We suggest that every team have someone that is capable of having an exchange  that is part of our corporate duty to all of our customers. Here are some activities that you can do with your management team.

Include questions on quiz in the EDR to be submitted in drum, with properly completed quizzes being entered into a prize drawing.

Distribute RG quizzes around property for employees to pick up and complete. Providing details on where to submit quiz for chance to win a prize.

Roving RGA quiz questions - Have supervisors or other property employees roam the floor and ask employees an RG- related question. If the employee answers it correctly, he/she may be given a prize on the spot. 

If you need further info contact  the AGA.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

The Resurgence of Atlantic City

Atlantic City is making a comeback. The interest in the Ten property from investors gives hope that the site,formerly known as Revel, could reopen in some capacity. This would increase the amount of hotel rooms in AC by at least 15% .This makes Atlantic City more appealing to conventions.

This news came on the heals of the announcement that Hard Rock is anticipating opening Memorial Day Weekend of 2018. The most anticipated move in Atlantic City since the opening of Revel.
This is a game changer property that will add excitement to the Boardwalk. The Hard Rock Brand will resonate with the AC market. Look at the beach concerts like Pink and Jimmy Buffett. Hard Rock can bring that same energy nightly. The potential is there to attract a younger customer.


MGM and Caesars have announced that they will partner on a project in Atlantic City. While no details were release, this is fantastic news. Two gaming industry giants together that will share a vision with an ocean view. We will provide more information in the coming weeks.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

NBA and the Legalization of Sports Betting

Adam Silver gave the most definitive statement to date about sports betting in the United States. He proclaim that "Sports Betting will be legal in a couple years." The reason is that it gives another level of engagement for the fans. It will heighten interest in a game that has international appeal and is 2nd in popularity only to NFL Football.  Sports betting would narrow the gap between the two leagues because of the stance Silver is taking.  He is a immensely popular leader and not afraid to take a position that is progressive.

What the league should do next is ask the other commissioners to join him. A unified front will gather public support. The leagues will make more money thru a new revenue stream that be solely based on the use of league trends and statistics. This info can be valuable to patrons that bet on games. A meeting with the AGA Geoff Freeman could start the conversation.

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