Saturday, January 21, 2017

NFL Championship Games

This is the NFL version of the Final Four. Atlanta vs. Green Bay. Patriots vs. Steelers.
This is how we see it.

Falcons are the most explosive offense in the league. Packers have won 8 straight. Ryan is having an MVP season. Rodgers is having a magical run of the table that include Hail Mary passes and game winning drives. Both teams have good running games with Atlanta having he edge. Falcons have the edge in wide receivers  because Packers have injuries. Defense edge to Falcons.  We are going with Atlanta.

Patriots are in their 6 straight conference final. Belichick will take away what you do well. Tomlin is a good coach but Bill has his number. Antonio Brown put it on Facebook. Brady heads to Super Bowl LI.

We like the favorites and the overs in both games.
We went 3-1 last week. 4-4 so far in the playoffs.

Fantasy players to watch.
Matt Ryan and Tom Brady at Quarterback.
Dion Lewis at Running back
New England Defense
Julio Jones at receiver.

See you in Houston and enjoy the games!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

3 Bold Gaming Predictions for 2017

At the end of every year we make three bold gaming predictions for 2017. We will give a percentage of the likelihood of these predictions coming true.

Number 1 is Online Gaming is approved in Pennsylvania. This came so close in 2016. There is a shortage of revenue and limited resources available to alleviate. We await the appointments of the new members of the Pennsylvania Gaming Oversight Committee. If the legislators selected are familiar with online gaming and fantasy sports, that will expedite the process. We would love to see this in place in time for the start of the 2017-18 NFL season.  Odds of this happening are 75%.

Number 2 is Skill Based Gaming expands in New Jersey and Nevada. While there has been movement in both markets to have these types of games on the casino floor, the interest has not been overwhelming. This is because the industry is still attempting to determine how much to invest in these types of games. Is the demand worth the changing the gaming floor?  We feel it is with the right marketing strategy. The customer base must start to trend younger now.  Odds of this happening are 30%.

Number 3 is Sports Betting Legislation being discussed on Capital Hill. We see the American Gaming Association initiatives to unify efforts and bringing this into the mainstream conversation. This is an issue that crosses political party lines. The public wants it and the new administration comes from a business centric place that embraces it, given the proper controls. While a timeline for enactment is still 2 to 3 years away, the discussion starts formally in 2017. Odds of this happening are 50%.

Check back with us in 2017 and we will update you on how these predictions are trending.

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NFL Divisional Playoff Round

Here is this weekend's NFL Divisional Round selections.

We are going with Atlanta over Seattle. They met earlier this season with Seahawks winning 26-24.
No Earl Thomas will open this game up for Julio Jones.

New England in a romp over Texans. Pats dominated the 1st meeting without Tom Brady. This will get ugly quick.

Steelers over the Chiefs. Steelers have too much offense and beat KC earlier this year. Chiefs do not play well in the post season.

Cowboys over the Packers. Another rematch that the home team has the edge. Packers are hot but don't have Gordy Nelson. Rodgers not the same without his main man. The table run ends in Dallas.

We like all the favorites except for the Chiefs.

                                    The fantasy picks for this weekend are:

                                           Ezekiel Elliott at running back
                                           Antonio  Brown at receiver
                                           Tom Brady at quarterback

Best Match Up is Cowboys and Packers. Best Defense is the Patriots. Best Special Teams is KC.

We went 1 -3 last weekend.
We want to at least reverse that number this weekend.
Enjoy the games.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

NFL Wild Card Weekend Preview

NFL Wild Card Weekend is upon us. So this is our take on the games.

Oakland upsets the Titans
Seattle wins a close game against the Lions.
Steelers wins over Miami.
Green Bay defeats the Giants in a high scoring game.

We like the underdogs with the points in each games with the exception of New York.

Best Fantasy QB this weekend is Aaron Rodgers
Best Fantasy Running Back this weekend is Le'veon Bell
Best Fantasy Receiver this weekend is Odell Beckham Jr.

Least exciting game is Oakland and Titans. Low scoring with two good defenses and inept offense.
Best game is Green Bay and Giants. Green Bay has injuries on defense but Rodgers will provide
the spark. Eli will make a turnover at the end to seal the game.

                                                                     Enjoy the games!

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Friday, December 30, 2016

The Sports and Entertainment Pictures of 2016

At the end of the year we always review the best images. So as we wind down 2016, we look at the most stunning photos of  the stars we know and the faces we need to watch. We included some of our followers from Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy the view. In one word. Breathtaking!
Conor McGregor

Allysa Seely

D Wade

Rose Bertram

Serena Williams

Several photos were part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and ESPN the Body Issue.
See our friends and followers here for their best photos of 2016.

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Facebook & Instagram Friends and Faces to watch in 2017

Here is a glimpse of some of the fans and contributors to the creative vision of this blog and Smart Responsible Gaming. They are faces to watch in 2017. They are all engaged in business, professional and entertainment endeavors worth watching.
Deitra Leak
CJ Primeaux and the beautiful Norma Lopez
The more Grace the better
Tremendous Tot

Kevin Gargin and his lovely wife Chandy

Ross is stunning in Cuba

MR.JONES and your's truly

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sports and Technology Panel in Philly

This past Thursday, we attended a discussion on the impact of technology on sports, teams and players.The panel included Howie Roseman, Vice President of Football Operations for the Philadelphia Eagles, Brian Selander, Executive Vice President of Whistle Sports, Dave Voyles from Micosoft and Antoine Galand from GraphWear Technology.

Wayne Kimmel

The moderator was Wayne Kimmel, the managing partner of SeventySix Capital and author of Six Degrees of Wayne Kimmel. 
Sports and Technology Panel

While each member of the panel had a unique perspective on technology, they all agreed on the value of incorporating it. The Eagles have a data scientist. 5 years ago that position would not have existed. The Sixers have done great work with analytics that provide the players with information on how to increase productivity and prolong one's career. Other sports teams are taking note.

Our biggest takeaway from this event was to look at what the members of the panel are reading and consume that information. SportTechie was mentioned prominently along with the Sports Business Journal. We recommend reading the latest issue of  Sports Illustrated on The Year in Sports Media.
The value of  technology and a strong mobile presence is paramount to staying relevant to the fans and consumers of your services.

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