Saturday, April 19, 2014

NBA Playoff Preview 2014

Today is the start of the NBA Playoffs. This is the next best thing to March Madness for a basketball fan. Now each game means something. A regular season game between the Pacers and the Hawks would not raise an eyebrow unless you are from Atlanta or Indiana. A playoff series determines if your team can move toward getting a ring. TNT 's Win or Go Home!

The popular choices to get to professional basketball version of the Final Four are the Pacers, Heat, Spurs and Thunder. One of these teams is not going to get there. An injury or a ill advised coaching decision can change everything. Who can make adjustments from game to game is also a factor.

Here are some of my ABC sports views about this year's playoffs.

Coach on the hot seat. Scott Brooks. If Thunder don't win it all or wind up in the finals, a change is in order.

Player with the most eyes on him. Dwight Howard. Superman left two franchises in disarray (Orlando and Los Angeles). Now we get a chance to see what he will do in what he felt is the perfect place for him. I see kryptonite near the foul line.

Teams that are Happy/ Pharrell Williams.  Just glad to be here and will be lucky to win more than 1 game. Charlotte Bobcats and Dallas Mavericks.

                                       Music Please!


Teams that started hot but now they are not. Pacers and Portland. Chemistry has left Indiana and injuries have ravaged the Blazers. Pacers answer the bell. Portland leaves the party early.

Best opening round series. Clippers and Warriors. Each game will be high scoring and filled with highlights for  ESPN's Sportscenter.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Philly Tech Week Night at the Comcast Center

I attended the Philly Tech Week Signature Event at the Comcast Center. This event was sponsored
by AT&T. I would say over 1200 people were in attendance. It was well worth $30. They provided
food and beverages.
                                                                       And open bar! 

Several sponsors were there in addition to AT&T. They all were attempting to enlighten the crowd about their products and services. This was also a great opportunity to network.
Some of the notable in the crowd included Dr. Frank Lee from Drexel University, Danielle Cohn from the Philadelphia Visitors and Convention Bureau and Michael Maher, the cofounder of Benjamin's Desk. Media was represented by Comcast and 6ABC.
I was able to meet and exchanges ideas along with business cards with over 15 people. My goal was 10. I passed out flyers and explained my purpose for being at a tech event. I was warmly received and
glad that I invested the time and the money to come. I plan to reach out to everyone that I met that night to enhance the initial meeting.
My night was complete when I met Christopher Wink, the founder of Philly Tech Week. He was gracious and thank me for coming. I truly should have thanked him for having the vision to set an event up like this. Entrepreneurs, groups involved with start up ventures or college students seeking information are all in one room. Each of them with the opportunity to talk about what they do and how they propose to do it.  I'll be there again next year. But my goal will be loftier. I plan to meet at least 30 people. Maybe you.
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Philly Tech Week 2014

Yesterday was the 1st day of Philly Tech Week. I participated last year and learned about the dynamics of coding. Coding is the language that programmers use to write applications and develop web pages. This year, I am attending again. Some of the sessions that I plan to attend include digital marketing trends and  crowdfunding for start ups. I go to events like this mainly for the networking opportunities.
Last year, I met Dr. Frank Lee from Drexel University. It was that meeting that led me to utilizing Drexel for my current design and developer needs. My point is that I went to the meet up for one purpose and a year later, it turn into a larger venture than I had conceived. So stepping out of your element is a good thing. Don't limit yourself to your circle of family, friends and business associates. Build your network. Go places with faith that you never dream of. 
This is the link to an article about Professor Lee and his involvement with Philly Tech Week 2014.
This year, about 70 freshmen entered Drexel's highly regarded gaming program, which bridges its College of Computing and Informatics and its College of Media Arts and Design. They all meet - digital artists, coding geeks, and those who span the divide - at Drexel's new Entrepreneurial Game Studio, a name reflecting Lee's aim for students.
Drexel University is one of the strongest technical schools in the country.  Dr. Lee prominently cites the expertise and creativity of his students. I hope to tell you soon of my experience of dealing with one of them.
Thanks to and Jeff Gelles for outstanding story about the conception of a mobile gaming hub.  
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Friday, March 28, 2014

DeSean Jackson released by the Philadelphia Eagles

Within the past 90 minutes, DeSean Jackson was released by the Philadelphia Eagles. They did not receive any compensation by doing this. Speculation is running wild as to what prompted this move.
Jackson has talent and is coming off his best season. So clearly this is not related to on the field concerns.

The NFL is steering clear of anything that may take a turn toward ugly. Within the last year, the league has the Aaron Hernandez issue, the Miami locker room fiasco and Ray Rice alleged assault of his fiance in Atlantic City. The Eagles must have felt that this is time to make a move from Jackson. The culture of the locker room is important and this is the source of speculation. Jackson will have suitors for his talent. Moving forward, the Darren Sproles trade makes sense.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Live and in Las Vegas During March Madness

                                  Pictures are worth a thousand words. Enjoy the View!

Transition from Night into Day!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Las Vegas Preview to March Madness

My countdown to Las Vegas is down to 4 days. It so great to anticipate what you are about to do. Even better than the experience itself because it last longer. My trip will include pictures, interviews and some gambling. Follow me and see how I do.
I have a lead into my trip from my tour guide Krystal, who is in Las Vegas now. She is providing photos from the Strip daily. Once I return, I'll give her the opportunity to share more with you. Here is some of what she done so far.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Nevada and Delaware enter Online Gaming Agreement

Nevada and Delaware made history on Tuesday by making an online gaming agreement. This arraignment is called compacting. This is where two or more states share the revenue that is generated in online gaming. Governor Markell of Delaware and Governor Sandoval of Nevada
both expressed the hope that New Jersey would considered joining them as well. They are currently the only 3 states that offer on line gaming in the United States.
Nevada currently offers poker only. Delaware and New Jersey offer slots, poker and all other casino games. Poker is the big draw in the on line gaming world. The culture is already established and the game is extremely popular. Poker has universal appeal and is considered a game of skill and not chance.
I like this agreement. Both markets will benefit. Neither have made a major impact in terms of revenue. If the agreement works, it will show the feasibility of other states getting involve. As of this post at least 10 states are considering online gaming legislation. While I'm in Las Vegas, I'll find out what the top gaming executives think of this deal.

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