Friday, May 15, 2020

Monday Motivation: Build A Better You

If you read last week's post, you are ready now to navigate back into the workforce. If you need to catch up with us  read here. In order to prepare effectively you must think about what you bring to the table. Oprah Winfrey is quoted as saying "When you bring excellence to a room. they will find you a seat." I will share two points we can add that will make us appealing to a new opportunity or invaluable to the employer that furlough you.
If you are looking for a new job situation, be prepared to practice "The Power of Nunchi”. This is a book written by Euny Hong. The word "nunchi translates into eye measure and listening skills. This can be incorporated into a job interview. It enables you to make assessments about a business or social situation quickly. Your chances of success increase when you can read a room, make connections, and come across as well informed.
The listening aspect of Nunchi is utilize by hearing what the interviewer wants from you and being able to convey that you can deliver. Be prepared to offer a solution in case you are ask a hypothetical question. Do some research that goes beyond the job posting that got you in the room.
If you are navigating a return to a place or industry of prior employment, bring flexibility back with you. The thought of "I 've been doing this for 5,10 years or longer and I know what I am doing" may have been acceptable in March. Now factor in social distancing, wearing a mask and the other possibilities that await you. Are you ready? A limited capacity is projected initially in hotels, casinos, and entertainment venues. The measure of flexibility may extend to you. Ask yourself how flexible you can be if you could return next week. That would give you time to mentally prepare. An NFL coach can motivate an entire 53-man roster to get ready for a game in 6 days. We only have to motivate ourselves.

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