Monday, May 31, 2021

The Casino Outlook for the Summer 2021

The wait is over. Casinos have been  given the green light to increase the number of guests they can  accommodate to pre Covid 19 levels. This is welcoming news for the gaming and entertainment industry.The gaming operators have been forced to be resilient over the past 14 months. Most have found challenges with employee retention and acqusition. While that was eased because of the reduction of gaming space,the effort to attract employees must now intensify. Casinos on each coast are offering job referral incentives to current workers and propective hires. One consideration could be to reach out to former employees to gauge their interest in returning in a flexible or part time capacity.

There will be several revenue streams that will recieve a spike in the next 3 months. The Food and Beverage departments along with  hotel  occupancy will approach the historical month to month numbers of 2019. Entertainment will also be a draw to customers looking to go out to shows and concerts. The professional teams are going to full capacity for indoor events so the casinos should be looking to follow suit. Looking at local talent would be a win - win as a gate attraction. 

FYI for those looking for the two hottest concerts in Las Vegas. First is Usher at Caesars Palace. Here is a glimpse of what to expect from the IHeart Radio Awards 2021 and his residency . 

Performance: Usher Sings "Confessions/Love In This Club/My Boo/Yeah" | iHeartRadio Music Awards 2021 - YouTube 

Sports is the vertical that the casinos are betting on. Partnerships with professional teams will boost the use of mobile gaming and sports betting apps.  The marketing opportunities are not just related to wagering on the pre match odds. Extended options involving futures and in game betting should be explored. 

Atlantic City's  revival will be peak during the summer season. Las Vegas will see an increase in their mid week business. The covenience markets like Philly,Washington and Baltimore will have to become creative because they will be competing with other comericial venues for the entertainment spend in those respective cities. 

The leader in all of the aforementioned markets must find their niche and promote themselves effectively. Determine who your customer is and keep that person connected to you. I could expand and give concepts but it would behoove me to share those thoughts in a conversation. For now, you can follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

I will have some exciting news to provide to all you very shortly. Enjoy your summer.

The second performance is Bruno Mars who will be performing at the Park MGM in July. 

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