Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Metro Report: Sports Betting in Philly, Washington DC & New York

The sports betting coverage of the New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC markets are essential to prognosticators. I would normally just focus on Las Vegas, Philly and Atlantic City but times have changed. So I will expand with my Gaming Guy News minutes into the 3 top cities on the East Coast.

The wins totals projected for the NFL season is a very popular wager. These are the projections for the Eagles,Washington Football,Giants & Jets.

                                               Eagles 6.5 Over -150 /Under +120
                                               Washington Football 8.5 Over -120 / Under +100
                                               Giants 7 Over -130 /Under +110
                                               Jets 6 Over +100 / Under -120

I have the Eagles over the 6.5. I project them to beat the Jets,Carolina,Denver, Dallas, Washington,Atlanta and Detroit. 2 possibles with Las Vegas and Giants at home. If the offensive line can stay healthy, the Birds will improve their win total by at least 3. Philly record last year was 4-11-1.

I have Washington under the 8.5. Their schedule is extremely difficult. They play each of last's year playoffs semifinalists, Those 4 games are losses. I have the Giants beating them twice and Eagles & Dallas taking them once. Possible losses to Seattle & Denver on the road.

I have the Giants over 7.  Giants were 4-2 in the division last year. I expect the same record this season.If Saquon Barkley returns to 2019 form, the offense will improve.  I project them to win against Carolina, Miami,Chicago and Atlanta.

I have the Jets under 6. They were 2-14 last year.A new coach and  starting a rookie QB is not the recipe for a 5 win improvement over last year. Jets have won under 5 games in 4 of the last 5 seasons.They go 0-6 in the division again. Jets go 1-3 against the NFC South. Losses to Eagles,Denver,Colts and Tennessee give them 13 L's. Book it!

                                                             Surprise Cuts
                                             Eagles - Jordan Howard RB, Travis Fulgham WR
                                             Washington Football - Peyton Barber RB
                                             Giants - Corey Clement RB, David Sills WR
                                             Jets - Ronnie Blair DL, Josh Adams RB

Looking at the NBA matchups in 2021, I am excited about attending the Sixers and Nets on October 22nd at the Wells Fargo Center. I will preview the game on Bettors Insider. These teams are projected to be two of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.  My question to you. Will Ben Simmons still be on the team?

My gaming video tip of the week is about the NBA and In Game Betting.

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